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  Explore and Memorize the Holy Quran with this free tool!!




  • Al-Qur'an (Arabic text) and the transliteration
    • Two default english translations (Dr. M. Taqiud-Din & Dr. M. Khan and Yusuf Ali)
  • Plugable Al-Qur'an translation in 17 languages
    • Indonesian, Malay, Japanese, Turkish, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Bosnian, Swahili, Portuguese, Albanian, Poland, and Maranao
  • Sophisticated Al-Qur'an browse and search
    • Verses (Arabic) and translation text search using full text and keywords
    • Graphical presentation of inter-verse content similarity
    • Phonetical search of verses (beta version)
    • Tafsir view of a verse

  • Tafsir Ibnu Katsir (English translation) browse and search
  • Morphological analysis of verses for learning Qur'an

  • Online and offline Al-Qur'an recitation
    • Repeat and verse-by-verse recitation for memorizing of Qur'an.


  • Plugable presentation themes


  • Drag-and-drop based print facility (HTML, PDF etc.);
    • print a group of verses as you like.

HQE 2.0 c 2006 - 2009  It is strongly encouraged to distribute this software freely.

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Online recitation supported by: versebyversequran 

SalafiDB : A more complete version with Hadits and Articles (Indonesian/Malaysian)

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